Remove LTS setting for single entities (provided by integrations)

I want to disable LTS for single entities which are provided by an integration.

This means, there’s no state_class set manually (to measurement or total etc.) in any YAML which now could be removed. And following Sensor Entity | Home Assistant Developer Docs, there’s no state_class: none|empty|... or sth. like that.

So: how to remove LTS?

I don’t need it to be stored forever in the database, as I

  • use the entities data only in a separate template sensor (which does some calculations) and
  • the original entities create unnecessary LTS in the database - for really no benefit next to database capacity. (as I copy it, I don’t think refusing to store its values in the recorder at all is not a good idea, isn’t it? well, this question is another one anyway)

Example (does not anything valuable to the original question, just for my own reference):

sensor.fritzbox_XXXX_kb_s_received from the AVM FRITZ!Box Tools integration. Just a random example.

I guess this works:

      state_class: none

At least the entity is not available in Statistics graph card.