Remove notifier

In the service list I can see some old notfier services that I don’t use anymore. They also don’t appear in the config.

How can I remove those notifiers?

Could not find them in the core files in the .storage folder

Maybe you could help @petro

are they in your notify.yaml?

No, I don’t have a notify.yaml file, I kept this in my config.yaml.
But also there no lines about this notfiers.

One is for last phone and I deleted those lines some months ago.
The service is still in the service list.

Like this:

In there is no “old_phone” in my config.

Any other suggestions?

If you are on the latest and greatest version of software, try and remove them from the new entity registry section.

The thing is those are no entities, so I cannot remove them in the new section. They only appear in the service list.

So there is no way to delete a obsolete service?

I can finally answer the question on how to get rid of those old services.

Delete the .ios.conf file in you configuration folder if you face that issue.

Found it here: