Remove obsoleted entities?

over time I added/removed some integrations and found that there are many entities no longer needed but still appear in the configuration->entities page. what is the best/proper way to remove them?


There should be an option to delete them when you open up the entity info box

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are you refer to the info icon in the dev->states page? I don’t find delete option there.
in the config->entities page I can select entities and there is “remove selected” button. but some entities are not selectable, the select box is grey out.

If you have an entity in the dev-> states page that is no longer present it will give you the option to remove when you open up that entity.

checked many unavailable entities, a few them have “remove entity” but most don’t have this. not sure why.

They will only have ‘remove’ if HA thinks they aren’t associated with anything anymore. Entities can be unavailable for other reasons.

Are you sure that the entities you want to remove have actually been removed via the respective integration?

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Perhaps they are still referenced in some automation?

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