Remove old Samsung Integration config?

So I’m having problems with Samsung TV integrations.
I have two different Samsung models, one older and one newer and the integrations with them have more or less always been fairly spotty to say the least. I have never gotten them both to work flawless with the same integration.

As of version 2022.03 my older TV stopped working using the default integration (Samsung Smart TV - Home Assistant ) and as of 2022.03.05 it is behaving irrationally to say the least.

I filed a bug report (Samsung SmartTV integration does not work after 2022.03 and onwards · Issue #68184 · home-assistant/core · GitHub) but the irrational behaviour is getting in the way.

As of now I have removed all of the config for the old TV via lovelace (nothing in configuration.yaml exists) but the debug logfile still shows new traces of ha trying do do something towards the old IP:

2022-03-15 19:04:59 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.samsungtv] Create SamsungTVWSBridge for name (redacted)

2022-03-15 19:04:59 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.samsungtv] Created SamsungTVWSBridge for name (redacted)

How do I clear ALL the config for this integration and start over fresh?

bump… having the same issue

Configuration of integrations that are configured from the UI is stored in json files in <config dir>/.storage/. However, you aren’t supposed to edit these by hand. If you do, make sure you stop Home Assistant first and make a backup.

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I was struggling with this (obviously) and then gave up since life came in the way.
Now 6 days later when I revisit this problem, it’s non existent!

The configuration references that was pointing towards the IP is gone and I could redo the integrations as expected now.

There is some task/process/routine or something running in the background or intermittently (once every 24h?) that removes stale stuff/config that isn’t removed immediately when removing/deleting a integration. Things are happening afterwards and I’m bumping in to this behaviour more and more often.