Remove old zones from iOS App

Anyone knows how to? If I delete or rename a zone from configuration.yaml it keeps showing in the app, under config/location settings. If the zone was renamed you now have two zones with same coordinates, and you can’t (at least on mine) turn off enter/exit tracked.


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Just a guess: Delete from Entities area?

This has been fixed for the iOS App 2.0. I believe it was fixed a few weeks ago. You can delete the app and reinstall it, but then your push token will change. Reinstalling the app remembers your configuration, but you have to re-enable notifications and then restart HA.

Thank you. Any audio files previously shared with the iOS App through iTunes have to be reloaded.

You mean in the States area? It’s not there, it only shows in the app configurations, under Location Settings, below the settings where the zones are listed.

Great, has 2.0 been released already? I’m on 1.5.1(3), checked TestFlight and there’s nothing new there, that I have access to.


I have not messed with zones, etc. yet. Sorry.

That’s ok, thanks anyway. I’m new to all of this too.

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No, 2.0 is still in development. I have no idea when 2.0 will be released.