Remove sensors in frontend UI


Running 0.77.3 I have been trying to find out how to remove sensors that appear at the top of the frontend UI. I have some Qubino dimmers and some of the sensors that are detected are of no interest to me such as sourcenodeid, export etc. I have successfully excluded them from the history and recorder functions but can’t see a way to exclude them front the UI.

I have added the hidden parameter against their respective entries in the zwave_device_config.yaml file but this still has had no effect.


You can hide them in customize, see Customizing entities…

I was obviously trying to do this in the wrong place. That’s perfect thank you for pointing that out.

Hi, can you advise please where in that link it shows how to ‘hide’ them? I cannot even find the word ‘hide’ on that page.

My TV has a bunch of sensors i dont want to see.

Well that link was from 2018, so things have changed since then, all you need do now is delete the entities from the frontend UI.

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This doesn’t seem to work any more. I set an entity to not “Visible” via the UI and it just shows up in another section: “Sensor”, “Select”, “Switch”, and “Binary sensor” all show items for which I disabled “Visible”. The only way to hide them I have found is to hide all items without an Area, but that hides other things I don’t want to hide.