Remove TTS from media control card or specific media players?

I have several media players that automatically get the TTS input in Home Assistant, but are unable to make use of this functionality because they do not have a speaker or otherwise do not support it.

One, for example, is the Meural digital picture frame. It’s a digital screen that just displays your photos, and has no speakers or anything that could possibly be used for TTS. But as far as I can see, any media player that supports the play_media service automatically gets the TTS input on their media control card. The Meural supports the play_media service, but the only media it plays is still images, so the TTS is irrelevant.

Is there a way to configure HA to manually remove the TTS input from the media control cards that don’t need it, or a setting that lets me remove TTS from media players that do not actually have that capability?