Removed device from HA and added to Hubitat - HA not showing added devices

This is a weird one I can’t figure out… Note: I have the Hubitat integration added to HA.

I added a Zigbee motion (backyard motion) and Z-wave wall switch (backyard light) to HA. In short… the Zigbee motion would not run properly on HA. No issues with the Z-wave switch but I removed both of the Zigbee and Z-Wave devices and added them to Hubitat with the same device name. I re-ran the Hubitat Integration and the devices are not showing up on HA. HA see’s all my other devices on Hubitat except for the 2 added devices. I restarted the host, removed and reinstalled Hubitat integration with the same results. The 2 devices work fine on Hubitat. What’s odd is I have another same model Zigbee motion on Hubitat that HA sees with no problems.

MicroPC: Intel i5 with 16GB and 256GB SSD
OS: HASSIO 8.4 Core: 8.6
SONOFF Zigbee 3.0
Aeotec Z-Stick 7 Plus
Motion: Iris IL071
Switch: Inovelli red series dimmer switch LZW31-SN

Hubitat C7

I figured it out.

Go to Maker API Label on Hubitat and select the API you created for HA > Go to the Selected Devices section and select the new devices > Restart HA