Removing an ESPHome device which uses MQTT

I setup a couple of led strip type lights (WS2812B etc) for testing and i want to remove them now. Does anyone have any steps that they know works?

I’ve seen a few threads on here which i’ve tried but having no luck at all the lights seem to still show up in the Overview.

for the record i have tried:

  • stopping HA / editing them from any files in “.storage”
  • using MQTT-Explorer-0.2.6.exe + connecting and deleting.
  • nothing is in any of my groups / automation or configuration files.

any ideas?

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Ok I’ll check the API out, if I wanted to stay in mqtt then anyone know what my options are? Or am I ready best to move to the API and away from mqtt ?

I think you could just remove the mqtt as per those instructions I posted and then re-add them as mqtt.

But the api has some advantages, which are listed in the esphome docs. (same page,

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HI, Can I control other ESPhome device with api?

no you cannot.

So, I have to use mqtt component to control other ESPhome device right? And other device also should have mqtt enabled right?

Why would you do this? Home assistant should be in charge, it is counter-productive to start putting little automations all over your house.