Removing an integration

When I first installed HA, I added my Ikea Tradfri integration through the config section. I’m having issues with the Tradfri stuff and someone suggested removing the integration and adding it into the yaml file manually.

I’ve added it in manually.
I’ve deleted my db file
I’ve restarted HA

I’m still having the same problem where the state of my Tradfri bulbs is reported incorrectly. When this happens, I can turn them on, but not off, or the switch moves back to where it was without me touching it. If I then restart HA, it’s fine for a bit and then starts misbehaving.

Have I done this right so that I can get back to a clean sheet with my Tradfri stuff?

Wrong file for integrations. That file stores history data (e.g. sensor values, entity states, etc…).

The files you want are in the .storage directory. To alter these you will need to shut down the HA server first. And know what you are doing.

However. If you want to delete the whole integration itis a lot easier than that. There’s a rubish bin icon top right of the integration.

Thanks, Tom.

Do you know, I didn’t even see that my installed integrations were at the top of the integrations page so I was scrolling down, clicking on Tradfri and wondering why the form was empty.

I have to say, the GUI on HA is pants in terms of UX! I’m going to try and learn enough so that I don’t need it for setting things up. I think it’s easier to deal with the learning curve of editing it through SSH than the furstration of the GUI. I’m using TileBoard for the front end so I should be able to manage.

So, I deleted it and restarted with the component in the configuration.yaml file. When HA came back up it said it found new devices and there were 2 listed - both Tradfri.

So I turned off discovery and restarted. This time, there was only one so I added my security code in there.

I’ll just have to wait now. It seems to be when something else turns a light on that it gets messed up. I don’t want to try anything that wasn’t happening before. I have another Pi that turns on some Tradfri lights at sunset and that seems to be a trigger for HA getting confused. I just need to wait about an hour and a half so ensure that I’m replicating what’s happened on other days and then I’ll know… hopefully.

Oh integrations are ‘pants’ alright. It’s impossible to delete just one device, you have to delete all the devices in an integration. This is a reall problem if you have, for example, a whole bunch of devices and only one you want to debug.

I thought they were great when I started using them but the more I use them the more I want yaml config control back.


Is there any way just to delete a single device. I have some zigbee bulbs and I can not get them deleted.
I thought with the new release 0.87 and the Entity Registry UI I could do it.
Unfortunately not.

Use the entity registry to override the name, change the entity ID or remove the entry from Home Assistant. Note, removing the entity registry entry won’t remove the entity. To do that, remove it from the integrations page ? How ?

Can only delete all my zigbee devices at once. Any advice?

I have a zombie integration I’d like to remove, I’ve tried the rubbish bin icon but it does not delete the integration.

You are probably going to have to edit the .storage files then. make a backup first.

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Thanks Tom, do we know which of the files within .storage contains integrations?