Removing circular mask on template sensor pictures - possible?

A quick question - is it possible to override or remove the circular cropping mask that seems to be applied on pictures used on template sensors?

I’m using this code, replicated 4 times for each of the 4 sensors on an HDHomerun Quatro unit, and using picons to show the channel logos. Many are working fine, but some of the wider ones (especially +1 channels) and the ones that are more rectangular based are getting cropped.

  - sensor:
      - name: Quatro Tuner 0
        unique_id: display_hdhr_q_t0
        state: >-
          {%- if state_attr('sensor.hdhomerun_quatro_tuner_0', 'VctName') %}
              {{ state_attr('sensor.hdhomerun_quatro_tuner_0', 'VctName') }}
          {% else %}
          {%- endif %}
        icon: "{{ 'mdi:television-off' if is_state('sensor.hdhomerun_quatro_tuner_0', 'IDLE') else 'mdi:television' }}"
        picture: >-
          {%- if state_attr('sensor.hdhomerun_quatro_tuner_0', 'VctName') %}
              /local/hdhomerun/picons/{{ state_attr('sensor.hdhomerun_quatro_tuner_0', 'VctName') | lower }}.png
          {%- endif %}



Note the cropping on the channel logo, whereas the original file is (sorry not so easy to see, as it’s more or less a white image with transparent background):

channel 4+1

Is it possible to stop that cropping and remove the mask?

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This has to do with the picture’s border radius in your lovelace theme.

You can achieve what you want but you will have to play with css values and card_mod.

After having installed card_mod and considering that you’re using a regular entities-card with a sensor entity, you can do something like this

type: entities
    hui-sensor-entity-row$hui-generic-entity-row$: |
      state-badge {
        border-radius: 0px
    - .....

Have a look also here.


Thanks for that, exactly what I was after :smiley:


Now I just need to work out why my iPhone can seemingly no longer see my HDHR Connect or Quatro, but that’s not for this forum.