Removing intermittent 'unknown' from an internet sourced sensor

I have a few sensors that report unknown for a few seconds each hour.
these sensors do not require high resolution and as such, I am trying to remove the ‘unknown’ from their output as it is upsetting my automations.
I have tried using an outlier filter, it does remove the unknowns as I hoped but the lag is pretty extreme and undesirable.
does anyone have a better approach?
With thanks :slight_smile:

file this under RTFM :open_mouth:

in the interest of completeness, if you wish to ‘clean’ a sensor of the unknown status you can use the outlier filter to achieve this.


# BOM Cloud oktas filter out unknowns
  - platform: filter
    name: "BOM SkyVis Oktas"
    entity_id: sensor.bom_cloud_oktas
      - filter: outlier
        window_size: 1
        radius: 8

when using an outlier filter the radius would normally be a smaller value than the window size. For our requirements, tho raduis is set to the maximum expected value of the original sensor. works perfectly, tracks the original source while removing intermittency :slight_smile:

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