Removing orphaned/unmanaged devices and entities


I am relatively new to Home Assistant, having switched over from Hubitat (and SmartThings before that). I have been trying to work my way through some of the issues… but I have on I can’t quite figure out.

I am managing my zigbee devices via a ConBee II and the deconz add-on. I have attempted, and apparently failed, to add a few of the devices - namely a SmartThings button and an old-style SmartThings motion sensor (motionv4).

I do not see either of these devices in deconz… but for some reason, there are a few orphaned devices & entities that would have been associated with them in HASS… I can see them listed in Configuration → Devices and Configuration → Entities.

So… the ultimate question - how do I get rid of them in HASS?