Removing the Home Assistant iOS integration

My Configuration->Integrations page is showing two different iOS-related integrations. One is labeled “Home Assistant iOS” and the other is labeled “Mobile App”. My understanding is that “Home Assistant iOS” is the old integration, and should be removed.

I found these instructions: which say that I should select the iOS integration for the device I wish to upgrade, go into it, and click the cog icon next to entities to delete them. However, the current interface (2021.1.5) doesn’t have a cog icon at that location. I can click-through to the entities, which have a “Delete” button in the bottom left corner, but those buttons are grayed out on each entity.

The instructions then say to delete the whole integration, delete .ios.conf, remove the old entries from known_devices.yaml, and reboot.

I did that, but after reboot, the integration is still there, albeit without any devices or entries on it.

I tried several more times to delete the integration and reboot, but it keeps coming back, though without any devices or entities listed. .ios.conf doesn’t come back, and nothing is added back into known_devices.yaml, but the empty integration pops back up.

My configuration.yaml includes both mobile_app: ios:, discovery, and cloud in it (since I don’t run default_config).

Any idea how to get rid of it for good?