Removing Z-Wave node?

I’m setting up Z-Wave for the first time. I installed Z-Wave JS and added my door lock. Things were functioning at this point.

I then moved my home assistant device back to my office which is further from the front door. When I started the device back up, the door lock wasn’t recognized. The node was now showing as “Node 5” and I wasn’t able to interact with the lock anymore.

I tried to exclude the node but when I click “Start Exclusion” nothing happens. I also went to the device for the door lock and tried to Remove Failed Device but got the following error: “Z-Wave error 8: The driver is not ready or has been destroyed”.

I’ve tried shutting down the home assistant fully and removing the zwave module for a few minutes but still hit the same issues when I start the cpu back up.

Any suggestions on how to move forward?

Go to configuration ==> Integration. Select z-wave configure on the integration. Select devices.

If you select the device (node 5) then you should get a screen similar to this.

Screenshot from 2021-08-21 14-10-42

Select remove failed device.

Thanks - I attempted that, but that’s when I received the error - “Z-Wave error 8: The driver is not ready or has been destroyed”.

Ultimately I took the sledgehammer approach. I removed Z-Wave JS and switched to Zwave2MQTT. I ran into the same issue, but then used the Factory Reset option. This finally removed Node 5 and I was able to get the lock working.

That sounds like zwavejs couldn’t find the zwave stick/controller.

How did you set it up? by port or by some other persistent method (udev rule or by-id)?

If you don’t set it up in a persistent manner then you may have the same issue no matter which integration you use because the port used by the stick could change on restarts, etc.

I used the by-id method. Things have been pretty stable for the past 2 days. I