Removing ZHA and changing to zigbee2mqtt

I have a pi with IOTstack installed including HA, nodered, zigbee2mqtt and others.
Before trying HA, I used zigbee2mqtt and nodered to pick up zigbee devices. After installing HA I disabled the zigbee2mqtt and tried ZHA instead. Ive found it to be unreliable with certain devices so I want to go back to zigbee2mqtt and see if thats any better.
Obviously both use the same dongle, so if I disable ZHA, will that allow the USB comm port and device to be used by zigbee2mqtt or will there be some conflicts? I suppose its not really a big deal if I need to delete it from HA but Im not sure of the best process to do this. Id rather remove it cleanly to save issues down the road if thats the better option.


Disabling should free up the port for z2m.


I always recommend getting a second dongle and running both, at least during the transition. That way you can migrate devices one by one, without the rushing to do it all at once.

When done, you can keep ZHA around for testing, or just delete and flash the stick with router firmware.

in my case the zigbee entities arent used in any automations and so completely non critical so I can afford to lose it all if thats easier.

also, maybe im wrong but I dont remember flashing the dongle when I went from zigbee2mqtt to zha. will flashing it be a necessary step? I can always just give it a go and see if it works I suppose!


Generally no.

The exception would be if it were an SI Labs EFR32 chip you had flashed with the multiprotocol firmware.

Even then, flashing would be optional, but you would have to keep the multiprotocol addon running.

Cool, I dont remember flashing the dongle so Ill give it a go and hopefully wont be any big issues.