Rename binary.sensors that are being pulled in from Vera (seems to sync friendly name back to zone#)

Hello all,

I am using Home Assistant as a front end to my Vera which has all my zwave devices attached.
My alarm sensors are connected to Vera and are named zones (19 of them) but they are not friendly names. I can see them in Home Assistant but when I change the friendly name in HA it reverts back (probably because they are pulling from Vera). I have a filter card that shows the zone when it is “on” which works fine but I want to translate the zone into a name I can recognize (example zone 1 “on” = Front Door “Open”) and show Front Door Open.

can anyone assist?


You could use the customize.yaml to rename them.

Maybe but I don’t know how to do that.

Here is an example:

  friendly_name: Backup Water Pump
  icon: mdi:water-pump

In this case the name is provided by the wemo integration and I changed with “friendly_name”, I also changed the icon.

Thanks Glenn, I will take a look and see if I can follow your example to change the name.

Appreciate the info!