Rename Energy's individual devices

TL;DR: How do I rename the individual devices in the energy monitor, and how do I see what sensor they are connected specifically?

In detail: My problem arises after moving some tasmota smart switches with energy monitor on different appliances (oven, heater, fridge, wifi router etc) over the past days/weeks to check their power usage.
Renaming the tasmota device and the corresponding entities/sensors seems to mess up the energy monitor page, specifically I now see duplicated identically named individual monitors (i.e. like OVEN TOTAL ENERGY shown twice) for which I don’t know what sensor they’re connected to and how to rename them. Do I need to edit the home-assistant_v2.db directly (and where)?


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If you say “renaming” you mean you changed their entity_id within the GUI (via Devices&Services option)?

If so your energy monitor does not take over the new entity_id so you have now some “dead” entities within the monitor.
If you go into configuration → energy → , you can see which entity_id it is referred to. from there you should be able to either know which entity_id no longer exists OR if you do not know, you can note down the entity_ids, and verify if they exist via the Developer Tools → States. Then you can go back into energy configuration and delete the ones which no longer exist.

Hope I got your question correct :wink: