Renamed zwave node, status no longer updating

I renamed my GE 14294 from the semi-unfriendly default node name when I added it to HA to “Basement Playroom Light”. I used the ZWave -> Rename Node menu. It’s now called "zwave.basement_playroom_light as the entity id.

I also had a device_config entry for it to change polling interval so it would update it’s status in a reasonable time.

Problem is now that I’ve renamed it HA doesn’t report it’s status correctly now. If I trigger it off on the card it turns off but the status toggle flips back to on. I have to trigger it again to show status off and then yet again to turn it back on after which it shows it on correctly.

Am I missing something obvious about changing the node name?

Gah! I realized that I was using the wrong entity_id. There was also an entity id for it: light.basement_playroom_light_level

Once I changed the device_config to that it is back to working. So much to learn!

And at the same time, you posted back what you found so you’re learning AND teaching. Thanks!