Renaming Adoptable ESP32 devices

I’m having issue with the ESP devices that get flashed outside the ESPHome dashboard (audio devices, bluetooth proxies). The dedicated flashing page works fine, but when I go to add them into Home Assistant (and ideally, rename them away from their default naming) it becomes a mess of devices showing up to be adopted, failing to be adopted, but keeping configs around – oy. I’m just not certain what order I should be flashing/adopting/renaming here.

Stepping back: Do I need the dedicated flashing pages for these devices, really, or could I flash them within the ESPHome dashboard as I’m familiar with and simply add on the audio/bluetooth specific YAML attributes as a second step?

flashing → adopting → renaming sounds about right. And then as a last step add it to HA

No, you can do all by yourself like you are used to. The dedicated sites are just making it easier for people not used to esphome as it doesn’t even need esphome installed to work with pre made builds.

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Thank you! That makes more sense now. I appreciate it!