Renaming discovered media players and hiding them on views


Is there anyway to choose the id of the discovered media players such as Roku through discovery (not just friendly name, as it appears that isn’t used throughout, for instance in history)?

Furthermore, how can I hide them on the default view? I set them up in a group and set it as a new view (Media) but it didn’t remove it from the main page.


        name: Media
        view: yes
          - media_player.roku_1gs43k122931
          - media_player.roku_13c1cr187419
          - media_player.roku_4e7575003000
          - media_player.johns_chromecast
          - sensor.plex_activity

Thanks to @itsamenathan in Gitter, I figured out the second part of this. I was using the default view, so it was still being showed by default. Setting a new default view fixes it.