Renaming Entity Per Group

There was a configuration discussion a while back that I posted in, but I think it would be better as a feature request.

I have about 12 or so groups, setup like the following:

Group: Master Bedroom
Entity: Master Bedroom Lights
Entity: Master Bedroom Fan
Entity: Master Bedroom Nook Light
Entity: Master Bedroom Temperature
Entity: Master Bedroom Humidity

I can’t really use customize to change the name, because then in the History, it would be hard to tell “Temperature” or “Lights” apart between rooms.

It would be nice if, either in the customize section, or, in the group section (probably group?) to have the ability to give a group friendly name. That way I see something more like:

Group: Master Bedroom
Entity: Lights
Entity: Fan
Entity: Nook Light
Entity: Temperature
Entity: Humidity

Thoughts? Feedback?

I might take a stab at implementing this myself, if I can get my head wrapped around the UI development needed.

This feature would be AWSOME - it’s really annoying because of the prefix I also have on friendly names