Renaming HASS.IO to HA (does it fail?)

So I start this topic hoping the renaming of to HA does NOT fail. But at the moment I think it is going to fail if we go on this way.

Why I’m saying this is because I see more and more people refer to (and even explain as if it is official) that is now named home assistant supervised. But that is wrong. There are just two versions: home assistant and home assistant core. No name has the word supervised in it. And yes, I know home assistant is the version with the supervisor but it’s just not in the name. That’s why home assistant core is called just that, because it’s home assistant without supervisor.

I hope that everybody can be more exact about this because otherwise I think it’s going to fail and that would leave us with just another name in the whole line of names there already out there. For newcomers it’s almost impossible to grasp I imagine.

I do this. Here’s why: It’s quite a bit easier to type “Home Assistant supervised” than “Home Assistant (with the supervisor that gets you addons, not the core home assistant version that doesn’t)”.

As someone who was a bit confused by this recently, I think an official webpage/FAQ on the correct terminology would be very helpful, that not only explains the different types of setups, but also explains if e.g. running HA in a docker container is considerd “supervised” (it is not, is it?). Maybe even some branding/logo to differenciate between “supervised” and unsupervised would be helpful. By now there are probably around 10 different common setups (the previously suggested virtualenv, docker container, various virtual appliances, NUC installations in various shapes, “supervised” on top of a Linux distribution …) and while I think diversity and choice is fine, I think there should be a strong suggestion of a “vanilla”/“official” setup that “just works” and is so clearly defined, that in forum discussions there are no misunderstandings what people are actually running.

Here, in the official documentation, they use ‘Home Assistant Supervised’

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My understanding is this:

Home Assistant is what used to be Hassio installed on HassOS. Includes Supervisor, HA Core, addons, and specially designed operating system.

Home Assistant Supervised is what used to be the generic Linux install of Hassio. This means Hassio without HassOS; so it includes Supervisor, addons, HA Core running on a Linux OS of your choice.

Home Assistant Core is what used be called Home Assistant, any install that does not use what used to be called Hassio, and so has no supervisor. It’s the core project that existed before Hassio existed. HA Core can be installed with venv, Docker, etc.

So, three names, for the three overarching kinds of installations.

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exactly ! .

If that is the case the devs should make that more clear. Because in the official announcement they say nothing of a kind.

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