Renaming sensor output doesn't work

I got some outputs of a sensor which I want to rename.
I want the output “1” to be “Manual” and “2” to be “Automatic”.
I tried it like this but it doesn’t work.

     friendly_name: 'Sonnen modus'
     value_template: >-
                     {% set names = {
                                     1: "Manual",
                                     2: "Automatic",
                      } %}
                     {{ names[states.sensor.json_sonnen.attributes["OperatingMode"]] }}    

If it is possible, I would like the other possible outputs to just stay the same (so if the output is “0” I want it to display “0” etc.)

Can anyone help?

Try this version and let us know what it reports.

  friendly_name: 'Sonnen modus'
  value_template: >-
    {{ {1: 'Manual', 2: 'Automatic'}.get(state_attr('sensor.json_sonnen', 'OperatingMode')|int(0), 0) }}

It works! Thanks!

You’re welcome!

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