Renaming Z-Wave Devices for 0.48

I’m in the process of renaming z-wave devices so that I can use the new default z-wave entity ID’s once I upgrade to 0.48+ (currently running 0.47).

I’m confused about how entities can be renamed. I renamed a leviton lamp module. Before, it had a name like light.leviton_unknown_type3501_id0001_level_7_0 , and I decided to rename it to (Because it’s located near a map on my wall.)

Once I used the z-wave manager in the home assistant GUI (typed just map into the second field after selecting the appropriate node and called the service), changed my configuration to use new entity id’s (new_entity_ids: true) and restarted hass, the entity id’s name now shows as light.map_level on the entities page.

When I go back to the z-wave management page, it shows the entity id as map (Node:7 Complete) , but everywhere else shows it as light.map_level .

Why was _level appended to the entity id? Is this standard behavior for certain z-wave devices or something?

Thank you!

The level is added by HA since it is a dimmable device. This is normal. I don’t have any on/off switches, so I can’t tell you what that might be but dimmable definitely has _level appended.

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Thank you- knowing that it is normal has allowed me to embrace it, and now my configs are all rocking the new somewhat-logical entity id’s!

Once you have everything named and converted all your automations etc. it is simple to remove a failed node and replace it or switch devices on your network. Once you have renamed the devices, everything just works. I have removed and re paired devices just for fun.