Renaming zwave nodes after 0.63

Before it was easy. Rename. Restart. Done.

Just added a node in 63.1. Renmed. Restarted. Node is not renamed.

Looking at the entity id in the frontend i can see it knows it was renamed (new_entity_id) but stays the same entity_id name… How can it be fixed?

light.level off node_id: 15
value_index: 0
value_instance: 2
value_id: 144115188332331009
old_entity_id: light.zwave_prihoz_level_15_0_2
new_entity_id: light.zwave_prihoz_level
friendly_name: zwave_prihoz Level
supported_features: 33

I have added light.level entity to my frontend and it shows up correctly as light.zwave_prihoz_level

Do we have to rename it now in entity_registry.yaml? And all the sensors as well manually? It’s a real mess now for this node

  platform: zwave
  unique_id: 15-xx
  platform: zwave
  unique_id: 15-xx
  platform: zwave
  unique_id: 15-xx
  platform: zwave
  unique_id: 15-xx
  platform: zwave
  unique_id: 15-xx

Stop HomeAssistant, rename the entitites in entity_registry.yaml, and restart HomeAssistant. That should take care of it.

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Thanks @cgarwood!

Is this a bug or just the new process?

Good question

What I’m seeing is that the service zwave/rename_node is no longer registered. This seems like an unintended bug to me

Unable to find service zwave/rename_node

I would ask that everyone having issues renaming nodes, attempt to rename one more time, then check the error log by navigating to the “Info” button in the developer section menu


I’m also seeing the following error:

I also have the same or similar issue with latest install, and I can’t rename nodes. It changes their Friendly name but not their ID.

No errors in the log, though, and rename_node service is available in the dropdown, so I suppose it’s registered.

How to rename entities is explained in the documentation.


I see. Thanks.

The most straight forward way I’ve found of doing it is to

  1. rename the node in the zwave configuration manager

  2. delete the ‘entity_registry.yaml’ file (in actuality I just rename the file to ‘entity_registry.yaml_old’ so i still have it in case something goes wrong)

  3. then restart HA.

At that point HA re-creates the entity_registry.yaml file using the current node names in your z wave config (along with all the other entities from other platforms as well).

Doing it this way after adding several door sensors worked with no issues.

I concur. Renamed entity_registry.yaml to entity_registry.yaml.old and rebooted but be prepared to re-work all your groups, automations and customisations where the troublesome z-waves devices resided.

For me it was worth the effort and only took about forty minutes as most of my z-wave devices are now in packages! (yay). To have no devices like light.level and sensor.unknown now is a dream come true and certainly makes customisation much easier going forward.

I only had to edit the entity_registry.yaml once as my light.lounge_light was showing as light.lounge_light_level so I renamed that and one other and rebooted.

but you shouldn’t have to rework anything. when the entity_registry was introduced it picked up the naming convention from all of my z wave nodes that existed prior to it being introduced. After that I just use the procedure above and it creates a reasonable id before I create any groups, automations, etc with them. It took a while to figure that out tho.

I still see no benefit for the entity_registry but at least I’ve figured out how to work with it so it won’t mess with me anymore.

How to do now that entityregistry is not there anymore

i’m honestly not sure. i haven’t needed to mess with anything z wave related since the change. i guess i’ll figure that out as needed.

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