Renault Integration

I am trying to integrate myrenault serivce. It continues to give “Unknow error occurred”. It was working, after updating it stopped working.

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I have the same issue

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I have the same Issue too

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Don’t know how to update yet…

got that, but I think an update is needed to fix this issue

I have the same Issue too

This if fixed in dev (Home Assistant Core)
If you download the component from github from the dev branch, you can install it as a custom component on your system.
Need to add a “version” line into the manifest to make it work.
But it works a treat !


I’ve just switched from the custom integration to the offical one.
All working, but it’s showing in KM instead of MILES.

In the custom integration it had the option to select either.
Can’t find it in the offical one.

Any help?

I was using the custom Renault integration but it stopped working some days perhaps 2 weeks? ago.
Today i was looking into it and decided to delete the custom version and installed the official integration.

But i am unable to configure the official integration with my Renault credentials.

If i use the same credentials on the My Renault webpage it works fine.
This is the error in my log:

This error originated from a custom integration.

Logger: custom_components.renault.renault_hub
Source: custom_components/renault/
Integration: Renault (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 5:29:29 PM (4 occurrences)
Last logged: 5:51:26 PM

Login to Renault failed: invalid loginID or password

Anyone else with this issue and perhaps found a solution?
Kind regards, Bert

Problem was the Custom Integration from HACS was deleted from the GUI, but the files where still in the custom_components directory… ;-(
Deleting the renault directory solve the issue.


Any clue why official integration doesn’t display any property? Is this related to car model?

Ok. I got it now. I installed my renault app on my phone and the paired with the car. Then HA displayed some values. It would be good to add this step to integration configuration section in documentation.


Hello everyone,
When I add my “My Dacia” account for the integration, I see two “kamereon” tokens and I don’t know why since I only have one vehicle and one active account. The first token will give me 1 device with 24 entites, the second will give me the same device with 3 entities… Any clue ?

Have a nice day everyone.