Renogy One M1 ... another T6E/NS Panel Pro?

I just got a Renogy One M1, and boy does it look like a NS Panel Pro!
Renogy are even reselling various Sonoff-looking zigbee devices with it too.

I’m just wondering, has anyone managed to strip it down and have a look inside?

It’s held together with four screws (with sheer heads, so the case is essentially sealed)

It’s got something listening on port 111, OpenSSH on port 22. Further Investigation required.

Factory Test mode found: Settings → Tap Firmware version 5 times

Can’t seem to detect anything on the USBC port yet, it may just be 5V power.

It would be nice to be able to get HA and this device talking to each other !

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This is Shiny, international business manager from SMATEK ELECTRONICS LIMITED in Shenzhen, China.

Are you using my T6E and would like to install Home Assistant?