Reolink 810A AI and TheHookUp (youtuber) - push videos to Home Assistant?

Hi guys,
didn’t a good answer on another question in another thread so trying here.
Can AI on Reolink 810A be used to store videos on memory card and then uploaded with FTP to local storage and at the same time creating a notification in HA to notify me?
Looking for a way of detecting people easily without using a lot of resources (cpu, ram).
TheHookUp mentioned it in his video that he had not been able to do so, so far:


There’s a comment on that video that has a link to GitHub for progress updates on getting AI movement detection into home assistant.

Thanks, but I can’t find it, would you send the link if you have it?

Edit: maybe this github repo?
Looks promising and they are working on what we need for a good integration with HA :slight_smile: Impressed with how Reolink support development instead of the opposite!

Unfortunately I don’t have access to YouTube or GitHub at the moment. Looks like you found it though.

I think so. :slight_smile:
Maybe I’ll buy a camera now and more cameras later, to test the functionality and maybe in the near future test HA functionality with the camera as well :slight_smile: