Reolink cam does not have h264 for Frigate

this cam from reolink has 2 lens.
i believe i am getting errors in Frigate because it is looking for h264.

is there any way to change my cam from h265 to h264? i dont see it anywhere

in Encode, there is no option to change

Can you see the camera stream in VLC Media PLayer?

From Reolink:
The format of the RTSP address is as below:
rtsp://(user name):(password)@(IP address):554/h264Preview_01_(stream type)

So try using this in VLC Media Player:
rtsp://user:[email protected]:554/h264Preview_01_main


In the encode screenshot there’s a collapsed Advanced menu at the bottom. Maybe the h264 setting is there?

yes, i can see the stream in VLC no problem.

in Advanced, this is all i get

Then, that is the rtsp address that you put into the Frigate configuration.

yes. the same rtsp is giving problems in Frigate since frigate is only h264 compatible it seems.
vlc can play h264 or h265.

Curious. Probably because I don’t have any H265 cameras.
This is from Reolink:

Regarding the video compression format: for Reolink 8MP cameras, the compression type of the RTSP main-stream is H.265 and the compression type of the RTSP sub-stream is H.264. For Reolink 2MP, 4MP, and 5MP cameras, the compression type of RTSP video is H264.

So, try the substream in Frigate.

you are correct. looks like this cam is so new it lacks 264 altogether :frowning:
i can only hope Frigate will support 265 in the future. OR find a firmware for my reolink that can output 264