Reolink camera integration saving local snapshots

Hello, I have probably selected something I hadn’t intended, but I simply cannot understand what. I have the Reolink integration working very smoothly with the PoE doorbell. However, I have seen that I am getting a snapshot image saved to the local Images folder in HA on every motion detected in the camera. I don’t need this and it’s starting to fill up local storage.

Does anyone know how I can turn this off?

Same here! It’s huge and since 23-4-25 its on with me.

There is an issue for it:

Let’s hope it gets solved…

See the issue: Reolink doorbell PoE keeps saving motion snapshots to local Media · Issue #119215 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

This is likely because you are using the old custom reolink integration (or have been using it in the past).
The config\.storage\reolink_cctv\ folder was used by the custom reolink integration and indeed filled it up with pictures.
I really disliked this and I do not do this for the build-in reolink integration I made.

So simply remove the reolink folder from your custom_components folder, and delete the config\.storage\reolink_cctv\ folder.

If you are indeed still using the custom component, it may be a good idea to just remove the reolink integration and then add it fresh again. A lot has changed since the old days of the custom component.

If you appreciate the (build-in) reolink integration and want to support its development, please consider sponsering the upstream library or purchase Reolink products through this affiliate link.

Thanks for this, but I’m not using the old integration. This is a fairly new installation and I’ve only used the latest version.

Moreover, my content is in \media\snapshots<camera stream>\archive

So, I think that my problem is somewhat different to the one you’ve described?