Reolink camera's update password

I’m using a load of reolink cams / doorbells etc,
they have been working fine, but i wanted to start doing some cleanup,
and update the passwords of some devices,
after the update it is (logically) unavailable in HA, but I can’t seem to find any way of updating the password,
its not in the Application Credentials tab,
any ideas (i know i can delete and read but i have a stack of automations in ha and node-red)

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I guess the answer to this will likely depend on how you integrated the reolink cameras into HA. Are you using the newish integration here or via some other method?

If you are using the official reolink integration, then i am pretty sure you can delete the integration for one of your cameras as a test & let it be discovered again. That’s provided the ‘Configure’ button does not work for you.


I’m using the new ‘official’ one indeed,
deleting and reading will probably fix the issue,
but we are talking lots of cams and lots of automatons unfortunately.
and delete / re-add wil make other id’s i think

I hear you. Maybe it’s not an issue if you didn’t modify the originally created entity_id’s. I’m inclined to think (hope) that a deletion & re-installation of a camera integration would result in the same entity id’s being used again. In that case you automations, scripts, cards etc should not break. Worst-case you can use VS Code addon for some find/replace of entity id’s in your yaml.
What if you try the ‘configure’ option for one of your cameras to force it to re-authenticate?
I’m using the same reolink integration so i’ll try changing the password for one of my cameras tonight at home to see what the result is.
Good luck.

I was glad to find out,
deleting the camera and readding it kept all the current settings,
and allowed me to set new pw

so automations etc kept working at first sight :slight_smile:

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That’s excellent news. I found the same too in my testing.