Reolink doorbell doesn’t show live feed on mobile data


I use a Reolink doorbell with the Reolink intergration. When I’m connected with my Wifi and I open my dashboard I get a snapshot and after a second it shows the livestream. When I’m away from home, via another Wifi network or mobile data, the dashboard loads the screenshot, but doesn’t show the livestream. I also can’t load a live stream via the integration itself.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

I use an iPhone if that would make any difference.

Hi, how are you connecting to your HA instance when away?

With Nabu Casa. I use webRTC and found out that this can’t be streamed when I’m not on my Wifi. When I turn webRTC off it should work, but then the stream is lagging behind. So I have to live with it I think. :slight_smile: