Reolink Doorbell Entities Missing in HA

Hi everyone! I can’t seem to get my new Reolink Doorbell WiFi to integrate into Home Assistant correctly. I’m using Jimstar’s integration and I only see three entities (see attached picture). There is supposed to be a lot more including the ‘visitor’ sensor which is what I want. I’ve enabled all of the ports including HTTPS, HTTP, RTSP, ONVIF, etc under the port settings and still nothing.



If you are using https on your inside network it will not work.

This is from github page
:warning: For the motion detection to work, Home Assistant must be reachable via HTTP from your local network. So when using HTTPS internally, motion detection will not work. This is the Reolink firmware bug: it fails to send ONVIF notifications to HTTPS webhooks.

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Also the visitor button doesn´t work. Nothing seems to work if you are using https. That is really annoying. I just bought that thing to find out that it is actually not working.