Reolink Integration missing function

The Reolink app supports a lot of things to be changed on camera to be used in automations, but missing one for me or I can not see it.

I miss the option to change the tracked object (person, animal, car) from HA automation. I can not track everything at the same time so I would like to change tracking object by automation but there is no option available in Reolink integration.

I think in order to evaluate your request, you need to provide more information. I certainly can trigger things based on which Reolink sensor issues a motion event (person, animal, car) so your request lacks a complete description of exactly what you want.

I would suggest posting what you wish to accomplish, not in one sentence but with real life examples and maybe it isn’t an enhancement, but rather a misunderstanding of what you can do. For instance, I can anything with any of these (or nothing) …

Animal, Vehicle, Person or general Motion … and can do it for any/all/many cameras. What is it that you are missing that does not allow you to “change tracking object by automation”

I want to be able to change the tracking type for the camera. My camera can track people, animals and cars. But just 1 can be set. When I am home for example I want track animals and if away change it to track people.

Then create an automation that triggers for everything and set the conditions to home versus away. Again, as I said, you can do that with Home Assistant. your are essentially asking Home Assistant to understand some custom setup in Reolink. You can do what you ask in Home Assistant too. In the same way.

And I would question what Reolink understands about you being “away”.

You don´t get it, this camera can track people by moving automatically and zoom in. In Reolink app you can choose what you want to track with your camera, person, animal OR car. So to change what should be tracked you need to set it in app. All other settings I can change over Reolink Integration inside Home Assistant, but the option to change the object that should be tracked is not available.

So I want the Reolink Integration to be change to have the option to change the object that should be tracked by an automation.

Ok got it. I do not own those cameras and I can;t really see the value in them (not the fact that you want it, but the tracking of a person or animal or vehicle as it moves) … probably because I really don;t see how it works when three people or two cars or whatever happen. I guess the camera knows.

So … it is a valid request? Sure.
Am I voting for it? No. I don’t need it.

Maybe you need it later when getting a new camera from Reolink that supports tracking, different cameras have that feature.

True if I moved. My cameras are 1 mile from my home tracking people coming into and out of my gate. No zooming required, no concern for anything really other than a human or vehicle trigger. We all have different needs and while I understand yours, does not make me “want” it.