Reolink Integration not loading

I want to setup the Reolink integration. I added the following repository into my hacs. GitHub - fwestenberg/reolink_dev: Home Assistant Reolink addon

This works well. After that I restarted my server and then go to my integrations and and add Reolink integration. But it loads and loads and after a while my error message is that there is an configuration issue undefined.

How can I fix it, or find out what goes wrong?

Something happened with the latest HA update I cannot add any of my reolink cameras.

Not sure what changed.

Trying it now and having the same issue

Try the new Reolink integration, it works much better for me: GitHub - JimStar/reolink_cctv: Home Assistant Reolink NVR/cameras addon
the author actual responds and fixes issues unlike the old reolink_dev one