Reolink integration without admin user account

Please may there be a version of the Reolink integration that works with a standard Reolink user account, rather than one with admin privileges?

Reolink IP NVR/camera - Home Assistant (

A non-admin account can not even turn on the spotlight of the camera, it can only read but not write to the camera. So all switch, button, select entities would not work anymore.
Basically you are left with the camera entity and the binary sensors then.
However the bigger issue is that the binary sensors and camera entities require the ONVIF/RTSP/RTMP ports to be open, now with admin privilages HomeAssistant takes care of this and opens the ports it needs to function. (default these ports are closed on a brand new reolink camera).

If I allow non-admin users, I would get lots of issue reports from people about stuff not working because the required ports are not enabled.

So I don’t really like to allow non-admin users.

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