Reolink Person Sensor - no state history or logbook events

I have HA OS and HA app installed on an RPi4 (updated today). I also have an Reolink RLN36 NVR (firmware v3.3.0.282_23103105) and a number of PoE cameras attached. I have a problem with one particular camera, a TrackMix PoE. I actually have 2 of these cameras, both on firmware version and have IDENTICAL configurations (oter than the name of the camera). In the reolink integration, I can see both cameras and all their sensors. The one TrackMix camera shows state history and logbook events for person detection. The other shows no state history and no Person events in the logbook. In fact, none of the sensors for the problematic camera has any state history. There are some logbook entries, but nothing for any of the sensors.
I know the camera is detecting people, as it switches the flood lights on when I appear in its field of view and it tracks me as I move.
Does anyone have any suggestions as how to fix, or is it a case of sending the camera back to Amazon as faulty?
Thank you !

The person sensor is actually working, there are just no logbook entries or state history.