Reolink RLC-811A in HACS: media does not play

Home Assistant core 2022.10.5
HACS 1.28.2

The camera basically works, I can see a (slow) stream in a picture entity card.

But to watch any stored video, I take following steps:

  • left menu: “Media”
  • click “Reolink IP camera”
  • click “cam1” (name of the camera)
  • click on the folder by date
  • list of videos is displayed
  • click a video

It does NOT play. Only black (small) screen is shown.

Any clue how to fix this pls?

Did you ever get this to work?

I did not get this to work with the HACS solution.

But very recently, an HA update added support for Reolink devices (in release 2023.1). That integration works for live video, did not investigate recorded media. But this might be the way to go.

Thanks for your answer. I finally managed to get this going, I was using https on both internal and external access, and apparently Reolink cannot push information over a webhook with https. So after changing this on my ha instance it started working.

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Thx for the update. Where exactly did you change this pls?