Reolink Video doorbell options missing (tap to speak)

Hi there,

I’m new to HA, and trying to figure things out and with all the great support on this forum I managed to get a couple of things operational on a dashboard.
My Reolink Videe Doorbell (wifi) is operational, but I’m missing a key feature: tap to speak?

When you open the Reolink app, there are these icons that can be pressed to do things, like operating the speaker and shout at the mailman through your device’s (phone or tablet) microphone for example.

The first icon from the left is the one I’m referring to.

Is it possible to get that function on the dashboard as well?

I mean, what’s the use of getting the doorbell’s camera feed if you can’t then operate it when someone pushes the doorbell button, like shouting “go away” or something more usefull.


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Hi Roger,

I am currently trying to accomplish the same as you has described but haven´t found a solution yet.

I managed to get mobile notifications including a snapshot and using google smart speakers as a doorbell. I now looking also for a solution on how to access recordings that has been made and saved on my server via FTP. Maybe I will sync the ftp server with my nextcloud and by pressing on the notification it should open up nextcloud and my recordings.

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I do have exactly the same problem and question.
Everything is perfect except there should be a way to push a button to activate the Talk feature so one could talk to the visitor after the successful alarm or ring.
The same is true for sending a short message like “leave the package at the door”.

In the moment the only way to use those functions is to open the Reolink mobile app.
But the idea is to do all that from the HA user interface without changing apps.

Does anybody in the community know how to accomplish those 2 functions from within HA?



Hey to all!

Has anyone managed to make this work?