Reolink/Web-RTC - WiFi Router Issues

So I’ve been racking my head on this one and figured I’d start here to get some feedback.

Here’s my set up:
(6) Reolink E1Pro WiFi cameras
(1) Synology RT2600AC router
(2) Synology MRC2200 access points
WebRTC Camera integration
Home Assistant 2022.12.8
Supervisor 2022.12.1
Operating System 9.4
HA running on an Intel Small PC

All of my cameras, Wi-Fi works perfectly fine as-is. I can view the cameras in the Reolink app perfectly. Wi-Fi is smooth, no issues.

I added the WebRTC integration to HA and was able to add the RTSP feeds to my cameras to my dashboard, but whenever they load up, they “crash” my Wi-Fi mesh network, meaning all of my mesh access points start disconnecting and reconnecting to my main router.

The only way to stop it is to restart HA.

For now I’ve completely removed the Web RTC integration as well as cleared the cameras from my dashboard.

Part of me thinks it has to do with the 6 Reolink cameras trying to connect (via 5Ghz) at the same time to display the RTSP streams and maybe that’s crashing the network?

Just trying to see if anyone else has had the same or similar issue or if anyone has any recommendations to a better way to integrate and display the Reolink cameras?


Edit: Forgot to upload this screenshot of my Wi-Fi logs which shows the issue

Have you try the in built ONVIF rather than the WebRTC integration?
In the integration UI add ONVIF, enter IP and i think try port 8000. Create a user for each camera if you dont want use admin

Haven’t tried ONVIF yet. Will give it a shot tomorrow.

Just frustrating how the RTSP streams somehow crash my mesh nodes.

Thanks for the suggestion!

So ONVIF worked with no issue. Still have no clue wtf is going on with the RTSP/WebRTC streams but since implementing the ONVIF streams, have had ZERO issues with my Wi-Fi.

Yeah, that a strange one. My guess is since Web-RCT are peer to peer so it thinks each of the mesh nodes are peers and keep bouncing it around until it knocks it all out. May be a next firmware update fix it.

Good point, that actually makes a lot of sense. I will say, for what it’s worth the ONVIF integration gets the job done. For me I don’t need the live-playing view, just need to glance, and then if I want to view live I can tap in.

Was able to add the cameras to Homekit as well so I can view them on my ATVs.

Definitely appreciate the comments @huu. The HA community is really awesome.