Reolink Wifi Doorbell Keeps dropping

I have the Reolink Wi-Fi doorbell, which I’ve had installed in March 23 and has been working great with the Reolink integration for months.

However after updating to 2023.11, the connection keeps dropping intermittently sub and main streams just show a still image. The stream shows fine in the Reolink app, and in a web browser.

Have also tried deleting and reinstalling the integrations, but no luck.

Does anyone have an idea what might be happening?


Same thing happening with me…

I just bought one, have it set up in my basement before I install it outside, but I am experiencing the same thing. Inside the Reolink app it works properly, but in HA, I can only get it to work (detect motion and show image) when I reboot both the doorbell and HA. But after 10 minutes it stops working.
Have you been able to figure it out?