Repalce Zooz ZST10 500 with Zooz ZST10 700

I want to replace the Zooz ZST10 500 series USB controller with Zooz ZST10 700. I am using ZWave JS UI in HA. From reading some posts, it seems like the easiest path would be to take a backup of NVM from ZST10 500, remove the ZST10 500 and replace it with ZST10 700 and restore the NVM backup. Is this the right way?

I tried to take backup of the ZST10 500 NVM using ZWave JS UI Advanced Actions-> NVM Management-> Backup, but it fails with an error “Timeout waiting for a response from controller”.

The ZST10 500 is several years old and there is no firmware update available for it from Zooz. Its current firmware is 2.1.

Any help would be appreciated.


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