Repeated integration requires reconfiguration'

Hi. I have > 30 ESPHome devices. Some repeatedly require reconfiguration…


Re-entering the encryption key does not work (says invalid).
If I delete the device from within ESPHome, then ‘add device’ it works, but then at some later point says invalid…

I also have one device listed that I am unable to delete…

Any ideas?

where are you deleting/removing them from? Does it seem like it’s always the same ones doing it or is it pretty much all of them? Could be a lot of things causing that. Just gonna have to do a process of elimination until you find the culprit.

I am deleting from HA, Settings, Devices and Services, ESPhome - then under Devices click the menu and select delete…

Should I also delete from inside the main ESPHome screen?

OK, just checking. NO! don’t delete from there or you’re going to lose your config yaml unless it’s backed up somewhere else. Deleting from Devices/Services is the right way to do it.

post one of your configs that you have problems with. Are you messing with any of those default configurations like the encryption key and making your own key?

Also, do you know how to access your router and look around in there? I wander if you’re at or right under your IP pool max limit.

Good thought re: IP address pool - I probably am right at the limit - I will look at that first :slight_smile:

If it’s a modem/router combo provided by your ISP, you’ve probably got a low IP pool or it may just not be set high enough. I know my last router i bought, it came with a default setting of like 75 addresses. I’m sure they do that to trick people into thinking the router is bad and they need to upgrade sooner… sneaky turds!

Another common problem is conflicts with a 5g band if you have one and the ssid is the same.

@Fallingaway24 Thanks - lack of DHCP IP addresses was the answer! Problem solved…

Aahh!! I was close. You got it working, thats all that matters though