Repeated random death of HASS.IO


I’ve been using for a while now and up until 0.69 everything ran for months on end without an issue.

I’m running on the same hardware a pi3b with external usb hdd the seagate one built for the pi.

On the older resinos builds everything booted straight for usb but I’ve noticed the new hassos required an sd card in too and I’m not sure how much of it is running off the usb.

The issue I’ve noticed is that everything is running fine for a few days, then I go to access home assistant and it’s completely dead.

This also happened on 0.70 which I think was still resinos so I don’t think it is hassos specific.

I was running on 0.73.2 up until about Monday, when yet again it just completely died.

When it does this there is no recovering it, I literally have to burn a fresh image and start fresh.

This time I thought I’d try just burning the SD card image, and it came back up without the initialising screen. However none of my setup is there, it was the default sun and moon components. Also no hassio addons were there, which makes me think it’s booting off the SD, running off the HDD, but all the config lives on the SD despite it running off the HDD?

Any ideas what might be going wrong and how I can stabilise things?

Also is it possible with the new hassos images to get it to boot without the SD card like I had previously?

Many thanks