Repeated zha events when using lighify switch


I’m currently running ZHA with a conbee II usb stick. Generally it works ok, but I have an intermittent bug that I haven’t been able to track down.

I have a few Sylvania lightify dimmin switches (the 2 button switch) paired with ZHA. They show up as Centralite 3130. Because of the way I want to use them I have automations wired up to listen to the zha_event when one of the buttons is pressed or held, thereby giving me effectively 4 buttons. I use these events to toggle the state of different hue light bulbs (via the hue bridge and hue integration).

The problem is that sometimes (but not always), i’ll press the button and the light will come on, then a few seconds later go off, then a few more seconds come back on. But its not always 3 times (sometimes one, twice, or three times).

When testing, I can see the zha_event firing the number of times the light state toggles. What I can’t track down is why the event is firing multiple times for a single button press. I don’t know if the switches are misbehaving and sending the message multiple times, or whether something in the ha/zha stack is playing up.

Any idea’s on how I can trouble shoot this further??


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Same issue here, with a hue switch and an IKEA Shortcut Button. Did you find a solution?

So the root cause seems to be that for some reason the switch is not seeing the ack messages coming back from the coordinator, so its resending the messages (hence the duplicate events). When I asked/suggested, I couldn’t get any traction with the devs when I suggested that the behaviour of HA/ZHA should be changed to ignore duplicate transactions, so from my point of view the problem still remains.

However, for other reasons, I ended up adding a couple of Ikea Tradfri zigbee repeaters to the zigbee network. It seems that since I have done that I have not had an issue with the duplicate events. So it may be that the presence of the repeaters is strengthening the network such that the messages are getting through the first time (I dont have any other mains powered zigbee devices).

That sounds like a good hypothesis on what’s happening. I do have 1 ikea repeater but maybe I should get another.