Repeater conneted to Home Assistant OS crashes sometimes problem

Hello everybody,
my Home Assistant OS is connected to a repeater and worked like a charm. All of the sudden, it kills the repeater on no regular bases. I have to disconnect the router and everything works again fine but nobody knows for how long. Sometimes 24 hours sometimes 2 hours, sometimes even 10 minutes…then disconnect the repeater again, same game. It is only the repeater who is crashing not the hardware itself. No error logs on the repeater.Did anybody experience the same problem?

Thanks for some hints

My system:
Orange Pi 4 Armbian 21.02.1 Focal
Slaesh’s CC2652RB stick
Core 2021.2.2
Docker 20.10.3

Linksys WRT54G/GL/Gs
DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/10/09) mini - build 13064

For future reference, the term hassio was replaced by “Home Assistant OS” many months ago. That’s why you won’t find that term used in documentation or in the product.

Do you mean the DD-WRT software crashes?

Since it is only the repeater which is crashing I guess it could be the DD-WRT software but I am not sure. I tried to connect the hardware to the router directly but then the whole Home Assistant slows down big time. I did delete the database of HA but this did not solve the problem. For some reason “something” coming from HA kills either the repeater or when connected to the router slows down the traffic.

Finally I found out what caused the problem. I had two streaming cams who crashed the router for whatever reason. Switched them off and everything works fine