Repeater problem

I have a Asus router and an Asus repeater. I added the Asus Wrt integration to check if I’m home.

This works super…except when I walk in my house and I’m suddently automatically (better wifi) connected to the repeater.

In that case, I’m not home for HA anymore !

And indeed, on the router I don’t see my smartphone anymore on the list of connected devices (I see the Asus accespoint).

What can I do to resolve this ?

Your repeater is likely actually in router mode.
Change it to bridging / AP / whatever so that your main router provides the IP addresses, if possible.

Here are the choices

I changed it from “Express Way 5 Ghz” to “Repeater mode”, but I have still the same problem :pensive:

What about “Access Point (AP)”, as I suggested above.
That’s how bridge mode is named on my TP-link Deco

Did you check that the mac address of your phone is not changed if you are connected to the repeater ?.. Some repeaters are changing the first 6 characters of the mac address (by having the 6 first characters of the repeater mac address instead) and keeping the last 6 of your phone… So in this case, you create a group with the two device_trackers which should be home if one of the two device_trackers is “home”…

AP mode works !

But in this mode I need a cable to connect to the network…luckily I have a connection there :wink:

Thanks for the help !

Good to know ! Thanks !