Repetier-Server platform

This is the initial beta version of my new Repetier-Server platform.

Currently it pulls a list of printers from your Repetier-Server, presents them as a sensor for each printer and set attributes for job-name, percentage done, layer and so on.

It’s configurable to show power or percentage as state.

It runs smoothly on my Repetier-Server with 3 devices attached.


Wanted to do one but looks like you went faster than me :wink: Thanks for share, will give it a try !


I tried to install octoprint to benefit the HA plugin but octostuff is really not my taste and poor :frowning:
So go back to repetier server and this plugin is more then welcome :slight_smile: Thanks a million !

At the moment, I receive all the sensor entry for my two printer ! just great except that I dont have the value for all temp (ext/bed actual/target) and few other sensor.

Is it because of the beta stage ? Or I miss something else ?

Anyway thanks for this very good iniatiative ! very appreciated

oups my mistake… I forgoted to remove the octoprint config… now there is less sensors :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently this custom_sensor have been put on ice, as I’m working on integrating it as a native HA sensor.
When that’s done I have plans on extracting more info from each printer (such as hotend temp, bed temp)

My repetier server is only on when I power the 3d printer. A nice addition would be polling the server and check if it is available.

same problem. The entities shows unavailable if I restart HA and repetier Server is offline :frowning:

any ideas? Its very annoying!!

Sorry - currently no solution to this, unless someone want to make the code changes. Haven’t had the time to look at this.
I’ve been pretty busy lately.

Bad to hear that :frowning:
I have 12000 Errors on one day because off the integrationen.

Error doing job: Future exception was never retrieved

16:06:44 – components/repetier/ (ERROR) - Die Nachricht ist zum ersten Mal um 23. Juni 2020, 22:49:13 aufgetreten und erscheint 12794 mal