Replace 868mHz thermostat

I have this thermostat:
Elesta Thermostat

And I want to integrate it with Home Assistant or replace it with a smart option that I can use with HA.
Any options?

So, as nobody had an answer for me, I tried something on my own:

  • Replaced thermostat with Shelly 2.5 (Neutral, Live, C-Wire(?) as another Live, 01 output for heating and 02 for cooling.

  • Replaced termometer (the Elesta one has a way too big error, for example, I setup the thermostat for the exact temperature at 20ºC, as read with two other digital termometers, and while heating, it gives readings with 1,5+ more ºC as the other ones, raising temperature faster, and lowering slowly) with an Owon zigbee, reading buffer tank water temperature.

  • Use of HA Generic Thermostat integration, created one for heating and other for cooling.

This way, I have hot or cold water readily avaiable in buffer tank for use with fancoils, without too much temperature variation (as it wasn’t happening while measuring room temperature, as the water temperature dropped a lot and heat pump had to work much more).

All this is working fine with HA generic thermostat integration.

Now I’m trying to automate fancoils. I’m playing with wemos d1 mini’s with esphome thermostat firmware, I think it works connected to my wired remote slot. If it doesn’t work like that, I’ll try the esphome IR way (I’m almost certain it works) or the broadlink IR remote way (it works out of the box). Fancoils are Daikin split units.

Issues to solve:

  • Is there a better thermostat integration than generic thermostat? I’ve found Smart Thermostat (PID), Better Thermostat and Programmable Thermostat.

    • Smart Thermostat (PID) looks amazing for energy savings, but looks way to complex. I don’t know how to tune PID (I’ll give a try to autotune, despite the creator advising not to use it). And I have to create two entities, one for heating and one for cooling, and then I have to use two thermostat cards, one for heating, and one for cooling, as I can’t figure out how to create a card with a button for heating and other for cooling (and probably one for night/eco mode - lower temperature while heating or higher temperature while cooling - and power mode - higher temperature while heating or cooler temperature while cooling if PV is producing a lot of power and sending it to grid)

    • Better Thermostat is for Thermostatic Ratiator Valves, is it still usable with my setup?

    • Programmable Thermostat looks good but I don’t understand the target_temp_sensor part of it. I want to use the Owon zigbee termometer to read the temperatures and turn on/off the heat pump.

  • Need a way to avoid getting heating and cooling modes connected at same time. Is there a way to disable one while enabling the other without an automation? My fear is that if I create an automation to do this, the automation firstly enables the mode I want and then it disables the other mode, keeping both working during a fraction of second.

With heat pump working as desired, and if I achieve the goal of controlling fancoils with esphome, I’ll be a happy man with a happy wife!

Can someone help me achieving my goals?